A Home You'll Love to Live In

The true benefit of a Landmark Passivhaus is how much you'll love living in one: superior thermal comfort, higher air quality and optimized layout provides lasting pleasure day-in and day-out. The no-hassle nature of Passivhaus homeownership, its simplicity of operation and ease of maintenance —along with the long-lasting build quality will give you peace-of-mind for years to come.

Creatively designed

We are proud of the creative, signature approach to our design process. Passivhaus requires us to consider the human scale of what we build. In meeting the design challenge of optimizing space and efficiency, your needs are inherent to the design. Done correctly this process is invisible — only the result of easier, more pleasurable living is seen.


Beautifully built

To make your home one-of-a-kind, we pay meticulous attention to how it all comes together and we sweat every construction detail. Our homes age well because use only the finest materials: natural elements like wood and stone; optimally engineered structural elements; high-tech building envelope components; and high-performance windows and doors.


Comfortably lived

Our roots in the Laurentians resort region gives us a deep understanding of the many ways people want to enjoy their homes. From decks, verandas and patios for enjoyable outdoor living, to site positioning for optimal views and exposures, to creating open spaces for relaxation and sharing — our homes are welcoming, intimate, comfortable... perfect!

Landmark Entrance