The Smartest Choice

Every building has a purpose, a lifespan, an energy footprint, a quantity of occupants it serves, a volume it occupies, a layout and flow in use, an aesthetic impression, and —and most of all— a quality of life it will deliver to its inhabitants. We believe that homes that contribute positively in all these ways are the only ones worth building. By building a Landmark Passivehaus to the highest possible standard, we are changing the build...

Affordable to build... Inexpensive to run

the building1 croppedTo build Passive there is a initial 5-10% cost premium, however the enormous energy savings (70-90%) recover that additional cost in short order.


Simpler to operate

Passivehaus eliminates the need for complex heating and cooling systems and the problems associated with their maintenance, repair and upkeep — yeilding significant long-term cost savings when compared to other constructions. The end result: a hassle-free home-owning experience.


Built to last

certified passive houseA Landmark Passivehaus Certified home is built to the most rigorous standards, using the best materials and components, and the most advanced construction techniques... and a built-to-last philosophy that produces century quality. The result: the best long-term value for a home.

The King of ROI (Return on Investment)

Click below to see the calculation of immediate ROI break-even when +7.5% difference is attached to a mortgage.

Return on Investment


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