A Reputation for Integrity

At Landmark Passivhaus we are expert builders with decades of experience building the Tremblant region's finest homes. We hold integrity as our highest value and apply it to each aspect of our endeavour: the coherence of our designs, the soundness of the structures we build, the ethics of our business dealings, and the honesty of our client relationships.

The Landmark Evolution

When Jim got his start as a journeyman-carpenter, during the oil crisis in the 70’s: back when energy consumption became a major consumer focus — igniting a push toward better building practices and alternate energy sources. By the mid 80’s many of building industries better ideas were quickly abandoned as oil prices stabilized. In North America the “bigger is better” mentality prevailed and much of the innovation in building science lost momentum.

But Jim himself perservered and, in founding Landmark Design Builders, he continued to pioneer better and more efficient ways to build.


Change the Build

His earlier efforts to improve a building's comfort and energy performance applied then-new technologies: integrating geothermal into the build reduced heating energy requirements by 50% — but they are complex installations that require backup systems, are subject to breakdown and are expensive to own... and therefore not accessible to those on tighter budgets.

In 2011 Landmark was contracted to build the timber structure and building shell of a Passivhaus-inspired building. Impressed by the level of air tightness and extremely low heating requirement — even in the depths of our cold winter — we had discovered what it took to "change the build".


Build the Change

Our desire to grow as builders, aligned with evolving environmental concerns and married to our already meticulous approach had inevitably led to us to become Landmark Passivhaus. Maintaining the German term for passive building in our new brand is a nod to the uncompromising high standard established by the Passivehaus movement there. Landmark will now integrate the Passive House ideal into all our work.


'Certified Passivhaus'

Jim completed the International Passive House Institue Exams to become a Certified Passive House Designer in 2013. Landmark's Passivhaus Certification testifies to our homebuilding expertise and confirms our ability to build to the highest international standards.

Meet Jim the Builder

jim iredale

Jim Iredale has over 30 years of experience designing and building high-quality homes in the Laurentians for discerning clients. In that time he has built an impressive variety of projects under the Landmark name, and appreciates the importance of delivering the best possible building on-time and on-budget.

Seriously Skilled

To thrive longterm through the construction industry “ripsaw” requires serious skills, which are honed to the finest point by contracting for a fixed price. Elevated planning and estimating skills, a well-defined workflow and meticulous execution, are the standards Jim demands of himself... and of all Landmark endeavours.

Famously Forthright

Jim has a well-deserved reputation as a straightforward, no B.S. guy: his clarity and candor aligns client expectations and ensures no unwelcome surprises. As a thoroughly honest contractor, he is a rare species indeed.