A Legacy of Quality

Our ambition at Landmark Passivhaus is to produce the highest quality possible for each project we build... and in every aspect. As fine homebuilders, we find as much beauty in a perfect foundation or wall assembly as in an exotic hardwood floor or exquisite trim details. Our legacy of quality is built upon the successful construction of beautiful, functional and sustainable buildings… each one built to last.

Obsessive attention to detail

The Landmark Passivhaus approach requires meticulous thinking about the proper construction sequence of a vast array of assembly details and their proper integration with other components.  Attention to detail means not just avoiding tempting shortcuts, but constantly checking and rechecking for precision... and building each home one high-quality layer at a time.  Nothing is left to chance.


Only top quality materials,

tapes membranesPassivhaus certification requires proof that every delivered element is exactly as specified in the PHPP Software. Wall insulation must be documented, window specs are captured, a myriad of photos and readings are all submitted to ensure that your building will not only perform to its designed standard, but also carry the PH designation.


Delivered on-time and on-budget

We are proud of our well-deserved reputation for consistently delivering projects on-time and on-budget… and at the level of quality that we have promised. This envious track record is no accident: it is the inevitable result of our integrated and highly-planned approach to homebuilding.


“Good enough” is never enough

Countless times in standard constructions, a shoddy assembly or incorrect building layer is simply covered up by the next, with the excuse that nobody will ever see it — resulting in a visible flaw or a hidden issue that inescapably leads to a cascade of future problems. Landmark Passivhaus sweats all the details, especially the hidden ones — the Passivhaus standard demands no less.