A Better Home Building Experience

Our extended track record of delivering successful projects demands reliable on-time and on-budget completion — and a productive relationship with the homeowner. We put as much emphasis on mastering the process as we do the final product: transparent communication and diligent execution of our plan ensures that every one of our projects is a success.

Seamless Process

We have developed a deep understanding of each phase, stage and individual step required to design and build the highest quality homes. Our well-organized and efficient process directly reflects our care and expertise, and allows you to enjoy your homebuilding experience — avoiding the chaos, drama and stress that attends less competant builds.


Rigorously Planned

Planning your home is as important and challenging as building it. The measured building performance required for Passivhaus certification magnifies the need for comprehensive planning.

phpp with sketchupWe rigorously plan every step of the process, utilizing PHPP software to ensure that the building will deliver on its PH performance promise. This allows us to anticipate potential problems and solve them on paper — before hammering a single nail.


Clearly Communicated

The clearer the plan, the cleaner the execution. Communication is better between architects, engineers and sub-trades when they have an accessible and comprehensive roadmap to completion.

And by planning your project to the smallest detail, we ensure that you understand precisely what you are getting: by when, and for how much.


Conscientiously Executed

Having invested significantly in our planning, we then execute that plan with extreme care — an essential requirement to achieve the exacting Passivhaus performance standards.

Any misstep in execution can mean losing valuable points on the final PH tests — and risk missing Passivhaus certification.

Games Builders Play

Presenting an unrealistically low estimate is a common approach that contractors use to win project bids... with the knowledge that necessary add-ons will boost the final bill.

A complete plan requires transparent cost calculations of ALL required elements — so that actual total matches the initial quotation. We regularly turn down projects that we know can't be built within their too-low up-front budgets, and will end up costing much more than planned.

"No-BS" costing

We take a straightforward approach that produces an estimate that is accurate, complete... and costed to the smallest detail.

Landmark Passivhaus might not submit the lowest bid, but we will build your home to the highest quality for the contracted price — without hidden surprises or added costs.

the building1
Minimal changes

Last-minute changes can wreck havoc on timelines and budgets.

We know from experience that by capturing creative ideas, thoughtful details and must-have features in the planning process, our clients rarely find reason to request unplanned changes.

On the rare ocassion that changes are requested, we fully assess the schedule & cost impact; then communicate directly to the client for sign-off... to ensure minimal disruption to the project.